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Coral Reef Island
Blu Skyy Travel provides travel planning services for the fees listed below: 

  • New client set-up and planning fee: [$250]

  • Destination wedding & large group planning fee: [$500.00] 

  • Modification fee after booking: [$25.00 per change after booking has been made]   
    * This fee kicks in 24-hours after you receive your booking confirmation

  • Voluntary trip cancellation fee, per person [$50.00] 
    * If you cancel your trip for a covered reason such as a family sickness or

      death in the family, this fee is waived. 

    All Fees are non-refundable, unless otherwise stated in writing by your Blu Skyy agent.


Blu Skyy Travel packages start at $4000 & your trip will be packaged as 1 price. 
>> Our rates are based on contracted & negotiated pricing from our trusted travel suppliers.
This gives you a complete bundled package that includes everything you need from start to finish for your trip. Prices will not be broken down since we are not privy to the contracts our travel suppliers have to obtain thier negotiated rates. 

By agreeing to our T&C, you are also acknowledging that you understand and accept the Blu Skyy
Travel fee structure. You are 
acknowledging and accepting that there are fees that apply to your travel plans and services. You are agreeing to all fees and stating that you also understand these fees are separate from the cost of your trip.

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