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Lisa Vermaak

Owner of BluSkyy Travel

Chief Travel Designer



Welcome to the BluSkyy Travel Website!
I'm so glad you found us!

My name is Lisa Vermaak, I am the founder/owner of BluSkyy Travel and our Chief Travel Designer. I have an Amaaaazing team of travel designers and we are so excited to work with you!

My journey with travel started back when I was young. My parents took me (I'm the only child) on vacation to Florida every year. My life revolved around this vacation. I would daydream about it... I would plan out my vacation days months before our vacation... and this started at probably age 5... lol... once we were on the plane back home... you guessed it... I was already thinking about next year's vacation! 

My travel experiences started to expand when I got involved in Mission Trips. I led my 1st mission trip to Nigeria Africa! I led a group of around 20 people, and I loved it! After that, I did a trip to Mexico... then I led 2 trips to Hyderabad India, then I traveled to Haiti! I was hooked! Then came Paris... London... Hawaii... St Lucia... Antigua... South Africa... 

Now I own a Platinum Travel Agency that is in the Top 30 travel agencies with Travel Planners International. I absolutely love what I do... and I can't wait to help you travel around the world! 

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