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Lisa Vermaak

Owner & Cheif Travel Designer

Travel has been a passion of mine for many years.


I've been all over the world....

Hawaii, Mexico, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa, India, London, Paris... as well as many of the US States.... Some of these trips have been pleasure, some mission trips.


I am PASSIONATE about travel and I can not wait to work with you! 

Lisa's Travel

Passion #1: Couples

It is Lisa's desire to use her skills in the travel industry to Enrich Marriages by creating one-of-a-kind getaways that are unique to each couple. She wants to inspiring couples to invest in their marriages by traveling together (no kids invited) at least once a year. Guiding Couples to make incredible memories with each other in cities all around the world.  Encouraging couples to Explore the World Together!


Bluskyy Travel specialties include:

  • Destination Weddings

  • Honeymoons

  • Anniversary trips

  • Birthday trips

  • Couples luxury cruises

  • Couples only all-inclusive resort vacations

Lisa's Travel

Passion #2:

Faith Travel

Lisa has experience booking, planning, and leading mission trips.


Her Mission Trip travels include Nigeria, Africa; Hyderabad, India; Monterrey, Mexico, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Panama City, Florida; and Tampa, Florida. 

Lisa enjoys helping churches, organizations, and individuals with their flight reservations to the mission field, as well as helping them find the right travel insurance that will protect them every step of the way. 


Want to travel to Israel? Lisa is partnered with an amazing company that helps groups travel to Israel to experience the places you have learned about in the Bible! A trip to Israel will change your life!

South African Engagement!

Lisa met her husband David on eHarmony (of all places) Crazy huh!?!?

Lisa was 35 and David was 30 when they met online, and an Ocean couldn't keep them apart!  David flew to the USA for the 1st time ever to meet the woman of his dreams, and less than 6 months later David was down on one knee (with the help of a giant African elephant) and he asked Lisa to be his wife! 

This trip to South Africa was definitely one of Lisa's most memorable trips that she's taken. She has a love for South Africa now because of her new ties to the country.  She now specializes in South Africa trips for her clients! Ask her about booking a 2 week Cape town/Safari trip!